About Us

Happy Paws. Happy Dog. Happy Pet Parent.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for you and your dog through personalized training and play sessions, a deep knowledge of pet care and behavioral science and commitment to treating every canine client that walks through our door as if they were our own.

We understand that dogs, like people, are all different and respond to different training styles at different times. Our individualized programs are designed to address your dog’s unique needs and respond to your specific concerns. And our low pet-to-people ratio means your dog is always lovingly supervised.

Plus, we’ll coach you on how to keep up the good work at home with videos, tip sheets and pet-parent and teacher conversations!

Training the trainers

Zig Zag [white]
Dogs aren’t the only ones who benefit from our training. Our trainers are all certified, with at least six years of experience and are required to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the ever-changing field of animal and dog behavior. They are graduates of the Karen Pryor Clicker Training School and The Pat Miller Peaceable Paws Academy and regularly attend workshops and seminars by world-renowned trainers such as Ken Ramirez, Sue Sternberg, and Pat Miller. We’re able to work with even the most difficult cases and transform challenging dogs into well-behaved--and happy--members of the family.

Team Leaders