Opening Happy Paws has been my dream for over 20 years. Every day we see dogs transformed by their time here. It is truly a labor of love.

I opened Happy Paws in 2007 because I saw a need for a different kind of facility–a place that offered other dogs the same love and attention I gave my own. Five years later, we realized we wanted to do more. As a daycare and boarding facility, we encountered a lot of dogs who had received punishment-based training and saw how it changed their personalities. We knew this needed to change.

We started studying positive reinforcement and the results have been tremendous. The dogs are happy and their parents are extremely relieved to be able to live with an animal who’s calm and confident. We use Karen Pryor clicker training and have participated in many training seminars with Pat Miller, Ken Ramirez and  Sue Steinberg. Our current team has been with us for a minimum of four years; our senior trainer, for eight and our manager, for twelve.