Come play with us!

Why keep your dog home alone when they can play and enjoy the company of other dogs at Happy Paws? Dogs do best when they have the opportunity to socialize and our group environment gives them physical and mental stimulation, making them happier and healthier!

Before placing pups into their play groups, our trainers assess their size, age, personality, play style, and pet parent preferences. While your pup is spending time with us, we will monitor signs of hunger, fatigue, changes in behavior to make sure everyone plays nice and is enjoying the time spent at Happy Paws. We will also let you know how your pet behaved or if there are any issues you may want to address.

Our play groups cater to both large and small breeds and are separated by size and personality. And our trained and loving staff is always there to ensure your dog enjoys games (updated weekly), treat-filled puzzles and canine companionship.

You can even watch your little darlings on our live-feed cameras!

In our Play Groups you dog will enjoy:








Zig Zag [teal]


Good for 6 months

25 hours $375

50 hours $675

Daycare Daily Rate

$80 per day (1-12 hours)

Half Days

Good for 3 months

10 half days $495

20 half days $795

Full Days

Good for 3 months

10 whole days $675

20 whole days $1100

Note: If you do not have a package, you must make a reservation and pay the daily rate of $80
If you arrive for daycare without a reservation and we have hit our limit, you run the risk of not being able to leave your dog with us. Reservations can be made by email (preferable) or phone, but please contact us at least 24 hours in advance so we can ensure your reservation. Thank you for your support during these crazy days. And stay tuned for some new programs and services from Happy Paws!

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When you arrive for the Temperament Test we will ask for verification that your dog is up to date on his/her vaccines. A print out from your Veterinarian is our preferred confirmation method. As an alternative, we can give your veterinarian a call for verbal confirmation but as many Veterinary clinics are not open on the weekend this is not always a possibility. We MUST confirm your current vaccination records BEFORE we can proceed with the Temperament Test. The vaccinations that we require are Rabies, Canine Flu, Bordetella, & Distemper. Veterinarian on call 24/7.


Temperament Test

In order to provide our customers with a cage free environment we require that all new customers come in for the Temperament Test prior to boarding. The duration of the Temperament Test is typically about 30 minutes – 1 hour. Please note that we might ask to extend the temperament test if a dog is initially nervous. We allow Temperament Tests on the day you are interested in boarding if we have space available but do not recommend this as it leaves us with no time to extend the Temperament Test if need be. Reservations are required for the temperament test.

Temperament Test Times & Cost

Price:  $45

Monday – Friday:  11:30am – 2pm
Saturday:  9am – 2pm