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  At Puptagon we believe in using positive reinforcement training to create a positive, practical, relationship-focused bond that will help you and your dog become a top-notch duo!

We understand how frustrating dog behavioral issues can be for you, the owner. Our team of dedicated professional trainers can help! We have a passion for dogs and an understanding of canine behavior that will get you and your dog to your desired training goals and beyond.

We will teach your dog appropriate behavior using scientifically proven positive training methods. Then we will teach you how to implement our teachings into your household. Often there is a lack of communication between owners and their dogs. Remember, dogs don’t speak our language so it is up to us to find a way to communicate with them that they can understand.

Meet the trainer

Eric Faulkner started working with dogs at our sister company, Happy Paws, monitoring off leash daycare. We soon noticed that he had a special talent for working with these awesome animals and decided to begin his formal dog training education.  He has since studied extensively in positive reinforcement and clicker training. Eric is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Clicker Training Foundations Training School and a professional member of Association of Professional Dog Trainers. His calm demeanor and knowledge base allow him to work successfully with dogs of all breeds and ages. His first training client was an 8 year old Maltese named Rocco that the owner was going to surrender. Eric ended up adopting Rocco and they are now inseparable. His compassion and desire to strengthen the trust between humans and dogs has led him to become an instrumental part of Puptagon Dog Training.

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